Food for thoughts

Recently there has been a movement about a so-called “10 years challenge”. I personally didn’t do it, because I didn’t feel like it. Having said that I don’t have anything against the ones that did it. It’s the posts/comments following this challenge is what did concerned me in the first place. I saw some people […]

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One day can change everything

I looked at him and the way he approach his mother with a gleam in his eyes and a smile so priceless that I could not help but to sit and admire him. Meanwhile I’m admiring him, his father comes closer towards his only precious son and he could not help but to get exhilarated. […]

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Hope is the last thing you lose.

I can see the hurt in their eyes. Faith is what they live by. Praying that they survive the next fight. It’s hard to continue, when it seems like you’re in a battle with your own life. Fighting for your own rights. but it’s that the right way to survive? All lives matter equally. That’s […]

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Mami dimi curason

Nos no ta kies ken pa ta nos Mama, simplemente Dios ta pone uno den nos bida. Cada uno special na nan manera, pesey tur dia mi ta agradecido na esun dimi. Mama ta un persona cu por remplasa hopi, pero alaves uno cu niun no por remplas’e. Mita pidi nos gran Senjor sigui bendiciona […]

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